MLS on the up?

Hvis det er noe du mener vi kan forbedre med fanklubben eller har forslag til nye ting vi bør teste ut så post gjerne ideen her
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MLS on the up?

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Surprisingly decent write up from the BBC there.
The team in question (Atlanta United) have only been around 2 years or so, and just had a $1.5bn stadium made to share with a NFL team, and my god, it's beautiful (Picture in story)
Anyway, Now despite everyone saying that the MLS is a retirement home for ex-players and full of money, there's some interesting stats that I found : Each team has the same wage budget - £3.8m a year. Across 20-25 players. That's quite low. MLS players make on average £366k a year. That's £6000 a week. Huge investments have to be made into the Youth Academies, and the teams see a fair few youth players get regular Starting XI positions. my question is thus; Do you think the MLS will become a big enough league to be considered a place to go as a young/in form player? Would a player of a high quality consider a move to America over say, the Bundesliga or Ligue 1 in the future if the wages were increased?

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Re: MLS on the up?

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