moved to a big club and then were absolute failures?

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moved to a big club and then were absolute failures?

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I don't just mean middling players who moved on because they weren't getting game time, or players that got bought without much fuss or expectation, I mean those players who were expected to carry top level performance over to their new, big club and were calamities every time they stepped foot on the pitch or looked completely out of their depth at that level. Schneiderlin would be a great example of what I mean. He was getting plaudits from fans and pundits a like and was supposed to be the first midfielder in a long time who could sort out the midfield woes of the club he joined. Instead, he absolutely crumbled on the grand stage and was terrified of practically everything to do with playing there. I don't think someone like Veron is applicable because he did shine sporadically, especially in European games and was clearly still a class player not fitting in for whatever reason. Do any players that fit the criteria come to mind for yours or any other club?

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